Projects – Services

You may find some of my work experience here. At future posts, I will add some more information and photos of projects I was involved in the design (which start even before 2002). My work experience involves:

  • The architectural and structural design of projects (eurocodes) with any kind of materials like timber, steel, concrete and glass. These include structural reinforcement design and structural planning as ready to cut and build. All designs make use of advanced finite elements software.
  • Environmental studies of small sized projects.
  • Energy building design and energy auditing and certification (Greek codes). These include the use of measurement tools (have a look at the page where I present my engineering equipment) and advanced energy building simulation with research tools like energyplus, esp-r, radiance etc.
  • Building construction optimization. This is research work with special optimization software and the use of  Genetic Algorithms, Particle Swarm Optimization, Parallel General Pattern Search etc. The optimization solution might be for energy consumption minimization or even zero energy buildings, construction costs minimization, thermal-daylight comfort optimization, life cycle analysis etc.

I make use of Building Information Modelling software (BIM) and my architectural designs are based on the principles of bioclimatic design.

I’m a certificated greek energy auditor for all building classes.

You may find my portfolio here