Engineering Equipment

I make use of test and measurement tools to identify structural and energy efficiency related construction problems. I present here most of them:

  • Total Station with no prism capability and 2″ accuracy for geometric measuring of buildings and site,
  • Geodetic GNSS,
  • Laser distance meter,
  • Photographic camera to build a 3D reconstructed model using photogrammetric algorithms,
  • Thermal camera for building diagnostics, energy auditing and home inspection, moisture and restoration etc,
  • 4 humidity and temperature data loggers,
  • Moisture meter,
  • Portable indoor air quality CO2 meter,
  • Datalogging light meter,
  • Thermo-anemometer with infrared thermometer,
  • Digital sound level meter,
  • Power clamp meter with power factor measurement capability and a true RMS multimeter,
  • Wireless data logging distribution box energy monitor and 3 socket energy meters,
  • Triaxial high-frequency EMF meter (50MHz to 3.5GHz),
  • and I intend to get a U value measuring system, an impact test meter, a wall scanner and a combustion analyzer.

I own many programs of structural design software like CSI Etabs and Statics, energy building simulation software like epa-nr, energyplus and esp-r, lighting calculation and rendering Radiance, special optimization tools like GenOpt and a lot of special and custom made mini software tools. I’m a software developer myself (C# and Java) and I’ve built some tools I use myself, mostly for construction optimization.